Lo stile Juve

A few weeks ago Juventus president Cobolli-Gigli's three year era in charge of the club ended. He was hired immediately after the dastardly trio was slightly inconvenienced by Calciopoli. While he's not the president as of the past two weeks or so, he's still tightly linked to the very image of Juventus and whether he or they like it or not; he still represents them. But, uh-oh:
Ibrahimovic, the likable gypsy. He who quit. He's shown to be a gypsy following that as well, but I underline the 'likable'.
Just not cool. Cobolli-Gigli is perfectly in order to have a bone to pick with Ibrahimovic, over his leaving Juventus for Inter in the midst of the chaotic summer of 2006. That's fine - that taps into the rivalry normal fans feel so hard, indeed even cherish it. But saying stuff like this is not acceptable. Firstly, he's not a gypsy, and using the word to describe him is clearly done because Cobolli-Gigli thinks of it as an insult. Secondly, by stooping to the lowest levels of fandom, by appealing to that lowest common denominator that is racism, he can no more be considered an authority on the issue of fans and ultras, nor even a person whose opinion is worth anything. Kettle, pot, black: taken to the next level.

Finally, Cobolli-Gigli can not be allowed to moralize over Ibrahimovic's career choices, scorning him for leaving Juventus in what was admittedly a period of hardship for the club. Why? Because as president this summer he personally signed off on bringing back Fabio Cannavaro, another player who "fled" the club in 2006. You either paint everyone who chose to leave with the brush, or you don't do it at all and shut up. The latter approach would have been preferable.