Mo je faccio er capocannoniere

Playing like football royalty yesterday wasn't enough for you? You want more reminders of why he is, still, the best around? Being tied with Di Natale in the race for best goalscorer despite missing a month is one thing, but I'm thinking grander. I'm thinking of the larger picture. Consider this, via Matteo Pinci and Romanews:
Up until the year preceding 2005/06, Totti had scored 110 goals in eleven seasons. From that Sampdoria-Roma in Spalletti's first year (his first game as an attacker) to today, Francesco has scored 73 goals in 102 games. A very high average of 0,71 goals per game. More than Trezeguet (0,55). A lot more than Del Piero (0,47) and Gilardino (0,43), to name just a few top goal scorers of the past five years
0,71 is not human. Looking through the goal per game averages of all time in serie A, there's only been one instance of a player being close to producing these numbers, the firefighting Nordahl in the 50's, whose average was 0,77. He passed by Batistuta's goal total yesterday; Signori and Hamrin are within striking distance at one and three goals distance respectively.