Julio Sergio Bertagnoli: 7 - I don't want to go out on a limb, or act all crazy like here, but doesn't Bertagnoli inspire the most confidence out of all the 17 goalkeepers Roma have tried this season? I'm not overly concerned with Doni; I think he's a good goalkeeper, if prone to sleepwalking now and again, and I am perfectly sympathetic to the time it takes to get back into the groove after being out for six months. But in the mean time, I'm more than fine with Bertagnoli filling in. Never put to much of a test tonight, but there's something to say for students who master the art of coasting too. Although there was one amazing save on a close range shot by Milito. So: there's something to say for students who can coast, but also ace a test at any given time.

Riise, Andreolli: 7; Mexès 7.5 - Andreolli and Mexès were very, very good tonight, playing just as well as we hoped Andreolli could, and knew Mexès could. Riise was good as well, and focused much more on tightening the defense than Motta did on the right wing. With Maicon the human express train waiting to come at you, there's little wonder. But he kept everyone at bay, and made some terrific interventions.

Motta: 7 - Tired fast as the game approached 80 minutes, but assisted the goal for Vucinic by a good cross, and was active throughout the game in establishing an offensive option down the right wing. He gave away more than a few balls needlessly though, which could have been, but weren't, costly.

Perrotta, Brighi: 6 - Silent, but hard working and effective in shutting down spaces and passing angles. Inter's midfield didn't run into an invisible wall, or magically fail to find passing options in Roma's half. Brighi's showing steady progress towards the Brighi of last year (I loved that guy).

DDR: no vote - played well for as long as he was there, which of course wasn't as long as he should have been. He was taken to the hospital right after the elbow to the head, and according to sources heard on tv, he has a fractured cheek bone. He'll be operated on first thing tomorrow morning in Rome. Daje Danielì daje...

Pizarro: 6,5 - Grew with the game, and during the final half hour or so he was vital for Roma in keeping and passing the ball. The oil to Roma's motor.

Faty: 5 - awkward silence...oh yeah, he almost scored at the end. If he hadn't...slipped...never mind.

Ménez: 8 - My man.

Vucinic: 7 - This includes him being stripped of half a point for eating that goal in the beginning, when all alone (or so he thought) with JC, as well as getting a full point added on for the sheer degree of difficulty in making that goal.

Okaka: 6,5 - Was isolated for stretches at the end, but his athleticism kept Inter occupied enough not to mount a full out assault. That move just as he'd come on, where he went past three interisti in the middle of the pitch on that counter is the stuff of nightmares for Julio Baptista.

Ranieri: 8 - Both for making a honorable point in the game, and for making one in the discourse after the game, where he didn't bow his head in reverence but was honest in assessing the game. Quotes in selection below:

-De Rossi needs surgery thanks to Vieira who always jumps into challenges with his elbows out. In England he'd be sent off.
-If our first counter attack had gone better, Mourinho would be somewhere crying right now.
-I'm surprised [really?] to see Mourinho complain about the referee - Inter committed twice as many fouls as Roma did!
-He [Mourinho] says I'm 70 years old, that I've only one won little cup. That's a part of the game, but: I have won four cups, not one. One of those I won when he was the assistant manager at Barcelona, and perhaps he's forgotten the time I scored 12 goals past them in three games with Valencia.