So What Do We Call This? (Roma 2-1 Bologna)

The good stuff:
Roma beat Bologna 2-1. Not having won in precisely four weeks (against Napoli on October 4th), three points are as welcome as they are needed. Vucinic had a good first half, and was now at the very least back to being the shadow of his former self; a clear improvement over the last weeks' showings.

Also: Ménez.

The bad stuff: 
Roma beat Bologna 2-1. The guests are by far and away the worst team I've seen so far in serie A this season, so to win by the narrowest of margins is super unimpressive. Don't get me wrong: Bologna never did much of anything in the game, and Roma were clearly the best least bad team in the game. But after Perrotta scored the goal for 2-1, Roma took a pedestrian approach to the game and it soon became wholly uninteresting. Besides the aesthetics, that worried me because all that's needed for another disaster is one misjudged clearance; one unlucky bounce of the ball; one substitution of Adrian Pit; etcetera.