50 Million Pieces of Fail

Il Corriere dello Sport on the brutal exposure of Juventus last night:
"It's not just a grave failure in Europa, an elimination that burns. True, it's all of that as well, but above all it's the abortion, the premature ending, of a project, of a great idea. Juve are already out of Europe and unfortunately went out terribly, without honor. Many immediately singled out the guilty ones, whistling Melo and Diego. It's true, they cost a fortune, it's up to them to raise the quality of the team and fill up the gaps that emerged last year. Signed to do this, they were yet again among the worst performers. Diego invented absolutely nothing, his only assist was a gift to an opponent who launched a counter attack for Bayern. He wasn't to be seen in the final phase of Juve's play, even more rare were the times he was near the goal. He wasn't influential, just one of many, overwhelmed like the rest by the Germans' rhythm and physicality.
It was hard to recognize Melo too: he never acted as the shield to the defense, he ran without thought, without any sense of tactics, he failed every pass to his team mates. He's neither mediano nor regista. Diego and Melo, absolute zero. However it's not right to try to explain the disaster with two sole guilty persons. Bayern broke down Juventus as a team, on the level of rhythm, of physicality, of play, of personality, even if they aren't all phenomenons. They grabbed Juve by the throat and never let go, not even when Trezeguet invented an impossible goal to start with."
Could these be the best two days ever experienced in football? I think they just might be.