Coraggio lupi

There's but a few hour left to kick-off; there's an eternity left to kick-off. The above video does its part to kill time, and shows some unique footage seldom broadcast on tv. Happy thoughts, happy thoughts. Must think happy thoughts. It's hard to, however, when I read that SS Lazio, the club that pride themselves on having brought football to the capital (faulty logic notwithstanding) as an entire collective has scored as many goals as Totti has, 9. And Totti's missed like half the season already. You just know that's too much of a gap for the powers of the derby, somewhere deep inside where Castroman haunts one's very soul, you feel that everything is written in order for this game to save Lazio's season, don't you? I hate derby logic. Besides the sensation that Lazio can't lose this game, just because it'd be too good for romanisti, I'm not big on making predictions. But I will say this, even if I'll look the fool later tonight: attention to Perrotta. He's forgotten, obscured by the MTV tridente, and Zarate, which is only right. But attention to Perrotta.