The Many Captains of Lazio

They're completely interchangeable, and instantly forgettable. One face replaces another, until they all mesh together to form a uniform, bland mass. Where do Lazio keep finding all of these people to be their captain? Every derby someone new is wearing the arm band, making a curious contrast to the other side where we've seen...well, Totti, for a really long time. Yesterday, the honor (?) fell to Roberto Baronio, who's been at Lazio since the nineties, but has played only marginally more games for them than Lotito himself has. A funny thing happened after the game. In the mixed zone talking to reporters, the topic of Totti's thumbs down gesture came up:

Baronio got into an argument with a journalist that defended Totti, and who reasoned that it was understandable in the context of a derby, while Baronio maintained it was "unacceptable". The journalist then reminded him of what Di Canio did under Curva Sud in a won derby, to which Baronio responded that it didn't interest him as he wasn't playing in Lazio that year. The journalist then suggested that he inform himself by asking the reporter's Lazio sympathizing colleagues what happened, which infuriated Baronio: "If you're here as a fan, I urge you to leave, fans shouldn't enter here". The retort, about as devastating as Totti's quattro, zitti, a casa against Juve: "Neither should ex players".

Strangely enough, the name of the reporter hasn't come out yet. When it does, he's welcome in derby folklore. More on the game THE GAME later of course, meanwhile check out Spangly Princess and her account of the return of Curva Sud.