Memento Mori

You've probably read, or heard, about it by now: Berlusconi punched in the face at the end of a meeting in Milano. Watching the footage of him post punch is fascinating. We're supposed to feel upset when leaders of nation (well, sort of) are attacked, especially physically. Aren't we supposed to feel that it's an attack on us, too? Regardless of one's own political alignment. Yet I'm not really upset. I certainly don't condone what happened, but I'm not out of my mind with indignation. Nor am I jubilant, or in possession of any degree of schadenfreude. I just watch the scene with intense fascination. It has the feel of a scene from an old movie, or book, when the Roman Emperor is finally turned on by the people. When they revolt. When he tastes the metal taste of his own blood and realizes that he is mortal after all. That's the feeling I get from watching the clip. Like a horrible realization just forced itself upon Berlusconi.