Offside, Go to Jail

He was mentioned in passing in the last post about calciopoli, so I feel it's only right that it be acknowledged and noted here that Antonio Giraudo has been sentenced to three years in prison. He's opted for a quicker trial process, and the verdict came this week, whereas the ongoing trial in Napoli (where Moggi stands accused) is wrapping up the prosecution's witnesses December 22nd, and picks up again in January.

Giraudo was found guilty on grounds of being part of a group conspiring to commit crimes (associazione a delinquere), as well as three incidents of sports fraud. Former referee Paolo Dondarini was also found guilty, and will spend two years in prison. That Giraudo was found guilty is undoubtedly a disconcerting fact for those who's trial is still ongoing; they're largely accused of the same crimes, the only difference is that Giraudo wanted his trial done with in a speedier manner. Speriamo bene.