Samp-Roma 0-0

On a weekend where all the big ones found smaller teams ready to pounce like highway robbers and make off with all the riches, a point in Genova is good. After watching the actual game in Genova, I say that a point is terribly unfortunate. Still a decent outcome, but it could so easily have been a win. After a more or less balanced first 45 minutes, Roma owned the game during the closing half and hardly allowed Sampdoria to participate. The chances almost all fell to Roma, despite a clear lack of an attacking presence anywhere near the box. Vucinic went so far left I think he came back with Lenin's goatee and a beret; Totti spent most of his time fighting for air balls 15 meters from the penalty box, and depending on whether not he'd win the ball settle for hitting a through ball (in no small part due to Pizarro's absence through suspension, which was felt terribly). In their penalty box absence, the grunt work fell to Brighi and Perrotta, often assisted by Taddei. Sounds horrible, looks horrible on paper; but it wasn't half bad in reality. Taddei in particular was a curious case: in the first half he was the old Taddei, slow and generally useless; in the second half he was the old old Taddei, the one who's active down the right and somehow manages to whip in a cross anytime the ball's in his general vicinity.

A paragraph dedicated to last week's hero: Cassetti rocked, again. Last week he was decisive offensively, tonight he completely shut down Fantantonio Cassano. He played him great; close, aggressive. Cassano never had the time nor space to do anything worth a damn, and it's all down to Cassetti. Stay tuned for next week when he'll beat cancer.

And hey, we almost forgot! Or I did, anyway: this was the second clean sheet for Roma and Julio Sergio in a row. Typical, isn't it? We wait for weeks, months, eternities; then we get two in a row. Next week we play Parma for ownership of the fourth CL spot - if you'd tried to tell me that during the summer, I'd have laughed at you. If you'd told me the same thing a few weeks ago, I'd have laughed at you. Just over a week ago, too, come to think of it. Funny how things shape up sometimes.