Thoughts on Roma Being Virtus and Vice Versa

Yesterday AS Roma and Virtus Roma, the city's basketball team, played one game of football and one game of basketball in a charity event. They mixed up the teams; officially it was in order to play the Italians versus the foreigners, but I suspect it was because they held a makeshift lottery to decide who wouldn't have Pizarro - who's about a third as tall as some of the Virtus players - on their team. The spectacle drew 9000 paying attendees, which together made for 344,075 euro making its way to the World Food Programme.

Trequartista turned hybrid attacker equals...point guard? Totti's obviously calling plays wherever he goes, which I guess no one should be surprised by in the slightest. Altruism is in his sports DNA, seemingly. (I remember a few summers ago when the NBA's Phoenix Suns toured Europe during their pre-season, Steve Nash took on Totti in a similar individual contest. I don't recall who "won", but I do remember it being closer than I thought it would be, considering Nash is ridiculously good at football, for an elite athlete who devoted his entire adult life to a different sport. Conclusion: Totti rocks.)

Faty is way too happy about DDR making two points on his team. I know it's charity, but I hope he has a more solemn facial expression whenever his team is losing in practice at Trigoria, or Faty might never be allowed to play again by Ranieri. Ever.

Riise just couldn't possibly look more awkward than he does here.

Undeniably an ingenious way to make up for being vertically challenged.

Still photos might not be the absolute best way to judge these things, but Vucinic looks like he handles the ball smooth. Like, really smooth. That behind the back pass he's about to pull in the second photo looks like one of the best things he's done with a ball all year long, and I'm not saying that merely because 2009 wasn't his best in football, that's a legitimately class move. And with his persona, if they ever make an adaptation of this for football, Mirko would be cast as Fog Raw in a heartbeat.