Finally - finally! - the contract tying Totti to Roma and Roma to Totti from now until the end of time (or at least 2014 to begin with) has been announced. Totti himself said he was ready to sign it in July, but nothing happened. Then when he unveiled his new website, he said that it had already been signed, but it still wouldn't be made official by Roma. Until now, when finally it's all done and sorted; Totti will play for another five years until 2014, when he will shift into a director of some sort.

It's completely incomprehensible to me why this was allowed to drag on for so long - it's not like the kind of good pr only announcing Totti's quasi lifetime deal can bring is surplus to requirements to this organization. They too work in mysterious ways, but there isn't anything divine about it whatsoever. But they still come off better pr-wise from this affair than the newspaper La Stampa does. Totti wrote today on his blog that he was very pleased by all the positive reactions to his new contract, but that he didn't appreciate some of the things written in an article written by Luca Fallica. Totti continues by saying he knows Fallica personally, and appreciates him professionally, so communicated to him his problem with the article. This led to Fallica discovering that La Stampa had added sentences that weren't his to the article, and misrepresented his original writing. Fallica resigned on the spot, choosing resignation over continuing to work for his former employer, which has now made itself a public laughing stock.