Baptista Out, Burdisso...uhm, Stays?

This is the deal: Julio Baptista is said to be very close to moving to Inter, while Burdisso and whatever Moratti is carrying around in cash at the time goes to Roma.

There are pros and cons with this deal if it goes through, as there is with everything. On a positive note, Roma rids itself of one of the team's highest earners and relieves a strained salary budget. Roma also gets full ownership of Burdisso, who contrary to his reputation in Milano, has proven to be a trustful part of the defense. His loan stands to end this summer, and Roma would either need to find the money to buy him from Inter, or find another player to replace him. The drawback of this deal is that it could leave Roma stretched too thin in offensive bodies; between Totti's and Toni's years in top football they're certainly not able to play every game together from now until May, making the need for options off the bench a must. In a post Baptista to Inter world, that falls solely on the protruded shoulders of messieurs Vucinic and Ménez. Not until we see that Cerci is trusted to act the energizer bunny against opposition more feared than a bottom serie B team, can we really add him to the equation. I hope it is enough. I think Roma desperately hopes it's enough. I just hope the whatever from on top of the thing is of the same opinion, lest a major wrench be thrown into the works and the team again stand decimated, and forced to desperate measures.

I've already heard people say it is a very good deal for Roma, and others say Inter would be making out like robbers with the same deal. I don't think any of them are right. It is more nuanced than that, and both teams would get things which makes it worthwhile, as well as drawbacks. But it makes absolutely no sense doing this now. If Inter wants to talk, they can get in touch in July. But to push through with this in January shows a genuine lack of foresight of the same kind that already made sure that from April until September, Artur was Roma's starting goalkeeper last year. I see it as nonchalance towards fate, as Roma acts as if injuries can't happen. Well, they can, and they do. And they will in the future as well. Especially while maintaining participation in three different competitions at once.

There is no incentive for Roma to accept this deal now, so I have no idea why they're talking to Inter, let alone seemingly eager for it to happen. One thing is however clear: for all intents and purposes, Roma has no money. That's the one conclusion I feel I can make, because I don't see any other reasons for Roma to be so desperate to want to slash wages, and make absolutely sure they get a player that would require an investment worth a couple of million the coming summer. There would be no problem in getting Burdisso outright from Inter in the summer, except for the matter of payment. Not that Inter are asking for an arm or a leg for him, but it seems any price is too high to be considered a sure thing. It's a bad omen for things to come, and the importance of a 20-25 million euro added income from CL participation next season is hard to overvalue with this affair as backdrop.