Lunga vita a Lotito: A Photographic Study

I feel the second photo from the top needs no commentary, no set up; it's pure brilliance, untampered with. The first photo is of the sartorial kind, wherein Lotito strikes a dashing figure. Extra points for the jacket slung over his shoulder, all nonchalantly. Sprezzatura! The art of looking dashing without it looking like an effort, that is. At first I planned to use the word ironically, in reference to the coat which makes him look he studied pictures from an 80's photo shoot gone bad with Fabio, rather than tapping into the Italian flair for artistry in clothing. But then I noticed some sprezzatura moves; the unbuttoned jacket sleeve, the wristwatch over the cuff of the shirt. It is a testament to his ability to turn things into mush that he still looks hilarious. The third and fourth go hand in hand in my mind, and they both showcase Lotito in a more boorish manner. In the top right corner of the video they've put quotation marks around intervista. "Interview". I can't get enough of it, I'd post the video even if that was all there was to it. But the content in the video perfectly matched the spirit of an "Interview"; watch four minutes of Lotito running back and forth, fidgeting in his chair and going on and on and on. There's no one quite as entertaining as he in the world of football. I long, I crave!, for the day Lotito starts a personal blog. In conclusion: