The Midweek Competetive Workout

Roma-Triestina was supposed to be a midweek workout against a serie B team so low down the standings that the stench of the lower trenches of the Italian league system wreaks havoc on their collective olfactory system. Instead, the game turned out to be...well, precisely that. No upsets here. But in some ways it was even better than that, with Roma going down due to a Cassetti imposed penalty kick converted by Triestina after only four minutes. That element did add an intensity that would have escaped the contest otherwise, and for forty minutes we were watching the hunt for the red equalizer. Unfortunately starring neither Sean Connery as a rogue Soviet submarine captain, nor Alec Baldwin as the dashing protagonist, but it was all good anyway. Brighi scored the 1-1 goal right before halftime, and Vucinic added another in the second half following some neat interplay with Ménez. Continuing the movie metaphor, Baptista spoiled the plot and killed the suspense when he hit a perfect free kick for the third.

Chris at The Offside was live blogging the event, and going back for a read is recommended. He focuses on the evening's more important questions: whether Cassetti's hair style can hold off all contenders to the throne of finest coiffure in the biz, even as Totti is likely returning to the mid 00's cheesiness; handing out fatherly advice to Cerci on how and when to shave; reflections on what seeing Adrian Pit and Mauro Esposito on the pitch at the same time means, both for Spalletti's health and (implied) for the world as we know it. In other words, how you spend a Tuesday night with Roma when there's just not enough comic relief for you on the pitch. As unlikely as that is.