The Miracle on Snow

The Americans often invoke something a sporting event called the Miracle On Ice. I'm not going to pretend I have any idea what it was, what sport was being performed, or how it's relevant at all, but you see it every now and again in this phenomenon of popular culture [pop-yuh-ler kuhl-cher], so it's as good a vantage point as any. Now, where was I--right, the American Miracle on Ice. I'll do you one better: remember Roma's MIRACLE ON SNOW?


Roma's game on Saturday at Juve comes close to marking the day when four years prior, the newborn Spallettian Roma went to Turin and besieged the then dominant team in Italy, with a group of rag tags. Just watch the highlights: Okaka started (really?! And we think he's young now?), and Mancini scored like only that Mancini (RIP) could. DDR wanted to bust heads. Rosi back-heeled! TOMMASI SCORED! They all jumped around holding hands afterwards! It's a 3 minute visual monument to one of the silliest and most charming teams in recent times, then with all of the good stuff still ahead of them.