Musical Chairs No More

Updated below.

Remember the world as it was one week ago? Remember the discussion of who Ranieri would play from the start, and who he would keep on the bench. Remember the impossible math of trying to fit all the good attacking players into one team?

That was ages ago. For tomorrow's game against Siena, Roma has one available attacker in the entire squad, Julio Baptista. Toni's out, and Totti wasn't even ready for Juve as evidenced by his omittance now. Reports says he wanted to play, but Ranieri opted against it, saying his body wasn't ready for a game every three days. In this, I trust Ranieri who can be more objective than Totti who might not realize his limitations (those limitations, however, only make him more lovable). Vucinic is out too, and Ménez isn't in the team either. It feels weird to even consider the thought, if you think about it, but thankfully it's because of his knee injury which forced him out of practice all week, and not because of disciplinary issues stemming from this week's game with Catania.

How quickly things change.

Update: It escaped me that Okaka is, in fact, included in the list. I wrongfully assumed he wasn't chosen due to the seemingly done loan transfer to Fulham, which everyone now takes for granted to happen by Monday at the latest. My bad.