Roma Genoa 3 0: The Usual

Holy shit, that was a Sunday for the history books.

Roma destroyed the sundered remnants of Genoa, Luca Toni got his first two goals to his name, Vucinic played his best football since 2008, and everyone that matters to Roma lost points. You could not have scripted it any better than this.

Roma first. What the team did to Genoa was monstrous. It was dominant. It was embarrassing. There was never - ever - any doubt that this game would be anything but a home win, but there's a lot to say for the way it happened. The midfield annihilated their Genoan counterpart, and even Taddei looked like an incredibly useful football player, while Perrotta confirmed, for the nth time, his return to the wuthering heights of yesterday.  The defense was masterly, thanks largely to the unfuckwithable brilliance Juan brings to the team. This is why there should never be any talk of selling him for missing some games when injured. The upside of having him in the team even for a handful of games per season is gargantuan. But they all have to excuse me for my brevity concerning their part, because Toni and Vucinic were devastating. Vucinic ran circles around everyone, and provided two precise assists to go with Toni's two goals. It was the kind of dominance that doesn't concern only goals, it was everything: when Luca Toni chested down a high cross for Perrotta to run onto in the 7th minute, I was in a happy, happy place.

And this was without Totti there with them. I think it's hard to improve on yesterday's game, even from a academic point of view concerning a hypothetical perfect game, but somehow, some way, Totti and DDR will make their way into the eleven. It's a frightening notion, but a most pleasant problem to have for a Roma coach. When was the last time around it was like this, Roma being almost spoilt for choice, as opposed to ruined and savaged by injuries?

The Sunday took on a whole new significance in light of the other results around the peninsula. As they started pouring in after the final whistle, it was hard to contain the glee. Lazio destroyed! Juve loses! Bologna knocks out Fiorentina! It was hard to ask for more after that, but Napoli played a goalless draw in the late evening game, to round of a perfect day in calcio. Nobody pinch me!