Roma Catania 1-0

So there was a Coppa Italia game last night, which Roma won. Out of that game was born a few insights, which I will now share with you:

  • Ménez is a really terrible football player when he doesn't feel like being a good one. Which is too bad, because he has all the technical and physical traits to be a good one. He was pulled at half time, and I just hope Ranieri didn't go Mastro Titta on him after the game.
  • Alessio Cerci has some good qualities. He's fast, he can kind of dribble, and beat players. Unfortunately he's missed one thing in his football upbringing: the kid doesn't understand the very concept of passing a football. I'm not talking about someone who just chooses not to do it against better knowledge; it is my genuine belief he has no earthly clue that the option to pass a team mate even exists.
  • To complete the triangle of disappointment: I like Okaka. I like all three of them very much, Ménez and Cerci included, and actively cheer for them to do well. I get excited when they get to play, because any game could be a big breakthrough. But last night was the biggest collective disappointment since Ocean's Twelve. Okaka, like the others, has some redeemable qualities, but I can't imagine many things which would benefit him more than playing football continuously for a couple of months (or years, whatever), and learn the art of shooting a football towards the general vicinity of the goal.
  • DDR is back to monstrous, super hero levels. His game last night was the single best 90 minutes he's put in since...I don't even know, I want to say Euro '08. 
  • Going to football is great entertainment, even when the game itself doesn't deliver fully. Just watch this example of stalking, made fun Roman style:

Alternative link to video.