The Alchemists

I didn't see it personally, and have only read about it from others. Perhaps that's why my fascination with Lazio-Catania won't go away, and why it continues to allure me. As you no doubt know by now, Lazio lost A) to their closes rival in the relegation battle, B) who are coached by former Lazio hero Mihajlovic, C) all thanks to a Catania goal by Maxi Lopez - the same Maxi Lopez who was all but a done deal for Lazio in January, before they changed their minds. And then there's the photo of Lotito from yesterday: why is he sitting alone? Has he threatened all those who sat close to him, forcing them to flee their seats, or did they flee because of the fan protests a few dozen meters away, fearing they were heading the way of Il Generalissimo? Or is it simply an accurate gauge on the level of interest in Lazio in February of 2010?

Lost in all of the above material for hilarity, the actual formation played by Lazio escaped me. Il Corriere dello Sport points out a new, fascinating detail from the continued accident that is SS Lazio: they finished yesterday's game with a formation consisting of five defenders (Diakitè, Radu, Dias, Biava and Kolarov), four attackers (Floccari, Roc­chi, Zarate and Cruz) and one single midfielder (Baronio). ("Midfielder".) What does that formation (5-1-4) even look like on paper? It's the 21st Century sports equivalent of trying to find gold by combining lead and mud.