With the emergence of the winning AS Roma, the happy, cheerful AS Roma has returned. DDR said a few weeks ago apropos the 2008 nuclear explosion inside Trigoria that rendered the team an incoherent, incontinent mess that when the players started buying into the talk about them being just as entertaining to watch as Barcelona, that's when things fell apart. Hubris killed the team, or at least in part. Not one to tempt the wrath of the whatever from high atop the thing, the thought to make such wild claims wouldn't even enter my frame of mind. I'm just happy to be along for the ride, enjoying the small successes we're blessed with so often lately. But I will say this, as I don't think this can jinx anything: AS Roma is hands down the most entertaining team to watch still photographs of. Just consider these latest from the Palermo game below.

Just look at those photos of uninhibited non-sexual man love! First there's the main group of hugs, then there's a secondary embrace, involving four completely different players in the two photos. Oh how fun it looks.

My initial reaction to this photo was the excess grinta an embrace between DDR and Riise creates, only minutes afterwards does my conscious mind acknowledge the fact this too is a secondary pit of celebration, away from the main one.

If I held the copyright to these photos I would name them "O Captain! My Captain!" and showcase them in an exhibit regarding unwavering, self-destructive loyalty to one's first love. Oh Bovo, at least we appreciate you for it.

I like this one. Maybe it's the weird positioning of El Pek's arms, maybe it's Brighi's contrast to the Palermo players. Maybe it's the shining reflection of the Palermo midfield's bald heads.

This seems borderline choreographed, the way their arms help form a Y.

If this photo doesn't provoke anything in you, you're dead.