Videographic Artifacts from Another Time

Two and a half years after the above scenes, Cicinho quietly moves back to Brazil and São Paulo on loan, leaving a couple of hundred fans scratching their heads, trying to remember why they were at the airport that day, and the remaining romanisti shaking their heads at the hysteria of that day. I was more in the camp of those at the airport, by the way. I was excited when he came, and I thought he was the future when he was playing for Real Madrid and Brazil. But bar a few games (Genoa 2009, what up?) the legacy of Cicinho x AS Roma is that of delusion and disappointment and the ten million spent on him is arguably a much bigger waste of resources than Baptista was/is. So that book's closed now, with a small bookmark left for this summer should he be signed outright from the loan, and that's just as well.