The Herd of Elephants in the Room

In light of the Luca Toni-sized dent made in Inter's point lead over Roma in the standings, I guess we have to address the issue somehow. The distance that was once tantamount to a trip and a half around the world is now reduced to a walk down the street to catch the bus in the morning. Savor that knowledge, but whatever you do; don't talk aloud about it. Because much like with the light jog to catch that bus, all it takes is one slip and you end up face into the ground with an aching body. And look, the bus just took off leaving you behind to wait for the next one. In Roma's case, we don't know when another will come along so it's even more important to not slip up here.

With this in mind, I think the real talk has to happen in one week's time. Only after Roma has played Inter (and oh yeah, Bologna too) do we know if this is all a mirage, or something tangible. Until then I will acknowledge no elephants in the room. We can hold our collective breath for one week, can't we?