Losing My Religion

For the second week in a row, I caught too little of Roma's game for me to have any thoughts about it which anyone would ever want to read (it quickly falls off after 'I love Vincent Candela', 'Burdisso is reckless and will cost Roma a penalty or red card at the worst possible time one day, but I love it', 'What's better than a full Olimpico?', 'Oh right, three points at a full Olimpico').

Thus I was, by the sound of it, spared the sight of a defensive Roma happy with the point won. I don't doubt it, I don't doubt all of you. All I can do, in my blissful ignorance, is offer perspective. So we didn't win against a pretty decent Milan team? So we didn't close the gap on Inter (e grazie ar cazzo no shit, I never bought into the hype that we were in that running to begin with)? So we didn't win our 13th game out of the last 17 in the league? Wait, that's exactly my point--we're still undefeated since October, haven't lost in 17 consecutive weeks, and have won the vast majority of all those games, jumping from lower table territory to a position where we as romanisti are even able to feel disappointed we're not second instead of third. That there's even the possibility to raise concern over Roma's chances in the scudetto race (ha!) is--to me--enough to convince me that there's nothing to be concerned about. The greater picture is still beautiful, even if the latest game didn't do justice to the framing it had.

Meditate gente, meditate.