Old Friends

Ten, twelve, thirteen years ago Roma's goalkeeper was the unknown, unheralded, close to retirement, Michael Konsel. He came from nowhere, suddenly, and left almost just as soon. His Roma career lasting for so little time, but being of such extraordinary quality, has made him an almost mythical figure. Did it really happen? Did a 35 year old who'd only played in the Austrian league all of his career really move to Zeman's Roma, and play so well that he became legendary? Had it happened before the age of the TV, it would probably be dismissed as hyperbolic recounts by affectionate fans. But we have the evidence, I have old VHS tapes in a box somewhere that proves it.

2010-03-28 20-35-44

He came back to Rome for the Inter game, and was interviewed completely casual before the game, prediciting a 4-0 win. With everyone scoring (sic). Oh be still, my heart, be still.