Roma Does Have Scouts. Apparently.

Il Corriere dello Sport has conducted a bit of investigative journalism, which was visible in their paper today:
Roma are searching for new talents in South America. The net of Roma scouts, to which was recently added Fausto Silipo and Carlo Jacomuzzi, are looking to monitor all 360 degrees of the international market. Recently the right arm of Emilio Mascetti, sports director of Roma in the 80's and 90's, spent two weeks in South America to follow talents from the Argentine league. The Roma emissary developed an interest for a young attacker from Newell's Old Boys, Joaquin Antonio Boghossian, twenty two years old with a Uruguayan passport and Armenian heritage.
The key part is, of course, the first two sentences. Who knew Roma had an already existing network of scouts? And they're adding to it! For a club whose main transfer dealings consists of buying whatever's on Real Madrid's bench and adding some mediocre Italian talent they stumbled upon while watching 90ยบ minuto, this is encouraging and perhaps even groundbreaking.