Roma Lowers Ticket Prices, Expects Full House

During the past few months, events have taken place which have forced me to re-evaluate my very imagined stance against the management of AS Roma. Not so much for the results, which have been earned on the field (just as elimination from Europa League was, no double standard), but for an actual change or recalibration of their decision making. They have brought on Montali, whom I am impressed by so far, they've toned down the smoke and mirrors on the stadium (latest word: nothing), and they've re-evaluated their ticket prizing. For Roma-Milan on Saturday, prices have been slashed dramatically in order to assure a full house. Il Romanista have a style all their own when covering Roma, often it is very dramatic and grandiose. Consider the following excerpt from today's paper about said ticket prices:
"There was a time when we really were a hundred thousand strong. Games were only played on Sundays. Lando Fiorino sang that "the stadium is full", the air above a naked and pure Olimpico was thick with the smoke from smoke bombs, the drums of Curva Sud stated the time, people climbed atop the hill of Monte Mario to sneak a glance of Roma. The years and a World Cup of bribes has covered up the temple, the laws of the State and pay-tv has emptied it. Until Saturday. That will be a day to remember, regardless of what happens on the pitch. We're headed towards a sell-out crowd for Roma-Milan."
With the borderline poetics out of the way, the details are covered in prose:
"And Roma celebrates. Not for the gate receipt, which yesterday [Wednesday] still hadn't breached one million euro, but because the strategy worked. Surprising everyone, the club opted for incredibly low prices: 12 euro for Curva, 18 for Distinti. Consider that on the second day of the season, against Juve, a Monte Mario ticket went for 110 euro. Now you can get one for 60. At Trigoria they're saying that a success of this kind was expected. It could be. In any case, the objective has been reached. In 72 hours we'll all be at the stadium. Let's pull out the scarves and raise our voices. Roma is playing."
Granted that I do not have Cristina Mazzoleni on speed dial, and that I am not updated on the exact state of Roma's current financial situation, and that I will always--always--favor a full house and fan presence over higher prices and (possibly) more revenue, but this does seem like a great idea. It's been no secret that during the past couple of years, the only times Olimpico lives up is during the derby and once, or maybe twice, more a season. A return to the times when the stadium is full and merely being there is a spectacle of the best kind is most welcome. As Il Romanista wrote: regardless of what happens on the pitch.