Vucinic Misses Livorno, Cosmi Celebrates Tonight

Mirko Vucinic didn't make the trip to Livorno and Tuscany, a region once considered Krypton for Roma. Not so much any longer. This omission from the list is less than festive news, as Vucinic has regained credibility as an absolutely brilliant footballer, and for the past few weeks little has happened going forward for Roma that didn't have his finger prints on it. He scores, he invents plays, he runs--oh, how he runs. So much so, in fact, that you'd have to figure fatigue would kick in at some point, so here once again I offer some perspective: if the injury isn't serious, and if it's more of a precaution to keep the old knee from flaring up again, then maybe sitting out Livorno (who are one of few professional teams doing even worse than Lazio this year) isn't the end of the world. You have to figure that if there's one game that's moderately suited for recuperation and acceptable to leave at the feet of Luca Toni, it's Livorno in March of 2010.

But I cannot even begin to stress how much hinges on that qualifying "if": if the serious isn't serious. If it is, the season just took a frustrating turn into a brick wall.