Che ce frega der vulcano, noi c'avemo Mirkogo'

Please accept my humble apologies for this prolonged absence, but the enthusiasm and unbridled joy of a whole city of romanisti wasn't the only thing that exploded into the air over the weekend (my first suspicion that my scheduled posts brought European air traffic to a standstill was proven groundless). There are worse places to be stranded in than Rome, however, and I would be damned if I so much as utter a syllable of complaint.

The unfortunate thing is I missed the chance to say my peace on the derby (THE derby! THE DERBY! THIS MOTHERFUCKING DERBY!), and there was, and still is, plenty to say about it. By now you've probably all grown tired of it already, but should there still be some apetite to re-hash one of the strangest and sweetest derby wins - no, make that wins in general - I hope to offer something in the morning.