Requiem for a Dream

Roma standing on the threshold of greatness, but stumbles, doesn't make it over. The reason is as much self-inflicted as it is a romanista tripping Roma up. Heard it before, seen it before?

Storari played the role of every romanista playing against Roma by having the game of a lifetime against Roma. Roma stuck to the script as well by allowing Samp back into the game when there was a clear path to the jugular. In a way, on the very surface, it's ironic that Roma loses for the first time in October while playing one of the better games of the past weeks, but it really isn't. Roma passed and played Samp off the field the first 45 minutes, but dropped everything in the second. What was a mere few hours ago a real and tangible dream now seems a distant and vain proposition.

Roma can, and probably will, win the remaining three games. The team has proven good enough since October to be more than capable of it. The problem is that Inter probably will match the effort and make it futile. That's what it feels like now anyway, even if the very best of these plans have a way of crumbling down. As we saw tonight, a season can turn on its head in forty five minutes. That's the only consolation there is. Embrace it. Cling to it for the next three weeks, and never let it out of your sight. It's all you have. It's all we have.