Two Sides of the Same Coin

After the final whistle on Sunday evening, Rome erupted, shouts and cries of joy accompanied by the sound of thousands of horns sounding almost harmonious. Or maybe that was just beauty provided by the context, but whatever. Il Corriere dello Sport wrote that the city finally exploded in celebration after an almost hesitant week on top of the standings, as if it had been careful to assume too much too soon. The party and released tension lived throughout the Roman night, making it a spectacle in parity with any other derby you can think of. Now with the added bonus of not only being the best in Rome, but the best in all of Italy. The added bonus that for once being at least close to living up to the Roma Caput Mundi graffiti found on walls throughout the city. Quanto sei bella Roma quann'è sera.

But as expected and predicted, the derby didn't, couldn't, go down without incidents. Between customary fights in Tribuna Tevere, a mother and her two children having their car set ablaze by a (presumably; hopefully) astray molotov cocktail and organized showdowns at Ponte Milvio, it was also a night of unrest and tension. One romanista (part of the organized showdown mentioned above, so go easy on the sympathy) was stabbed in the throat. Interviewed the following day in the hospital, he showed no remorse and was defiant and contrarian to the journalist conducting the interview. Does he show remorse? No, these things happen. Stabbings happen, and apparently for this boy that is considered a normal part of the experience. Will he think once or twice before going back to the stadium, after being millimeters away from death? Nah; "I'll be back as soon as possible. Why wouldn't I?". If it wasn't him, it could have been anyone else he was fighting, anyone else who showed up at that time for one single purpose. I guess that makes it easier to show no semblance of trepidation or remorse; if it hadn't happened to him first it could have, would have, been him to stab someone else instead. And that, too, would have been considered part of the deal for him is the conclusion we must draw. It's one thing to question the merits of the Tessera del tifoso project, it's one thing to nuance the ultrà problem, but for these people there can be no sympathy nor understanding. Roma nun fa' la stupida stasera.