Adriano and the anti-Adrianos

If you're sitting there worrying about how Adriano can, simply put, ruin shit for Roma--fret not. Now that his transfer is, to quote the man himself (I feel there's a Godzilla joke in here somewhere, but I'm struggling to pin it down), "90 percent done", people have opinions. Pradè has an opinion, which registered as the first time he has said something that made me calmer, Rosella Sensi has an opinion, etcetera. Among that group of opinion havers are many former and current footballers, and I find it fascinating browsing through the who's-who of the approving posse. They're not exactly who you would think be in favor of a party animal, who may or may not have discovered his life isn't to be confused with that of a rock star. Within the space of three days, count among those who have spoken positively of the move and given their thumbs up to the whole affair the likes of Aldair, Juan and Javier Zanetti.

If they have anything in common, it's that they're about as far removed from the reputation of Adriano that you can get. They could just as well collectively make out a three-headed creature that is the anti-Adriano; they're humble, they're serious, they're consummate professionals. And they all believe Adriano will be a great move by Roma.

I'm not saying we abandon all reason and start listening to footballers in lieu of our own opinions, but I can't be the only one struck by the contrast between the fears of what Adriano could do, and their seemingly unreserved support for him. I'm not saying, I'm just saying...