Amusing Ourselves to Death

This site has never been the place where transfer rumors and speculation are dissected and scrutinized from every angle. Hopefully it never will be either, that seems to me a disheartening development fraught with ever lower common denominators. But even I can't escape it; behind every corner, in tickers on nigh every website and in disproportionately prominent headlines, they flood the gates of my web browser and threaten to immerse me in inane rumors about this and about that.

I want to know who these people are. Both the ones who spend so much time on writing transfer stories now, and the people who are genuinely interested in them, I want to know how they figure it's interesting, or remotely relevant. Reading certain channels it feels as though the fact that there's a scudetto race going down to the wire, one that Roma might actually win, is secondary only to the breaking news that some players in Argentina none of us have ever heard of may or may not be in the scope of the club. Or the latest developments of Yossi Benayoun, as if his status and future employment is at least on par with news about the best chance in years Roma has of actually winning something truly memorable.

To all of those unknown persons, I plead with you to stop. If we can't focus on the actual football (revolutionary thought, I know) right now, we might as well give up, never bother with watching the game again and be content with fantasy calciomercato games.