It hasn't been exactly a year, but roughly around this time last year I wrote about Ménez crashing Maldini's farewell party and making it his own coming out party. He came on and changed that game on its head, terrorizing Milan's defense, and left a great impression as well as with the three points.

To say it's been a steady evolution from there would be to lie, the year since has seen its share of ups and downs. He's been in the dog house and probably dangerous close to being beaten down by a barrage of curses in romanesco by Ranieri, with Ménez collapsing under the weight of the many double consonants. Then he's showed sparks, gone back to frustrating, before he ostensibly found his role just a few months back. Since then he's been an important part of a title chasing team, and has always held his own. Anyway, to come full circle; it's been nearly a year since showcasing the talent that is there, since alluring us with promises of it, what it would look like fulfilled. A year later, he's grown a lot. If we consider the game against Cagliari as the check-in point a year later in his career, the development is clear, no matter how bumpy the road.

Ménez to rule the world come next May?