Thoughts, Thoughts, Nothing But Random Thoughts

1) Looking at it detached, I can get why hosting clubs can find it annoying when the Capital's team come to visit. They come in with both a pride in being Roman, as well as a joy in reminding everyone in town that they are Roman, something that easily pisses off a lot of people around the country. And this video where they hijack, and re-appropriate Verdi's masterpiece from Aida to, once again, sing about Roma didn't make any new friends in Parma. But I can only stay detached for so long, and almost immediately I go back to thinking this is the type of thing I love and can't resist. A country's Capital having an air of arrogance to it is common, but with Rome it's so much more charming than the usual kind, and it's more of a defense to a pre-exiting dislike, sometimes contempt, that I find irresistible.

2) I'm not big on tattoos in general, and don't think I've ever seen one on a girl or woman that I liked. But the lupetto on her forearm would make me melt if I saw it in real life. Hold up girl...

3) The first footage I saw from the Parma-Roma broadcast was shot from roughly that angle; behind the short-end with Roma's supporters. In an instant I was mentally transported to nine years (and some change) ago, a Parma-Roma early in 2001. Not the famous game where Roma secured the scudetto, this was the last game before the schedule started over, forever known to me as the game where I understood that Roma was for real, that the scudetto was a real, tangible objective to work towards and hope for. I have re-watched the footage from that camera angle described above (well, almost) more than I have any other football videos (footage below). Goosebumps. Then again, yesterday, goosebumps. Roma won, as I knew they would just by seeing that camera angle and taking that run down memory lane. Goosebumps for the unrealistic, naïve but romantic hope once again a Parma-Roma could show the way towards a scudetto. Lazio plays Inter in less than one hour, at which point that hope will probably be blown to a million pieces. But at least then it was nice to have dreamt for a minute.