Roma Mundial

I'm not sure if this says more about me, or about the World Cup itself; six days in, as Mexico and France lined up for the French national anthem, I started muttering the words to this. Force of habit. There's a case to be made for it revealing a whole lot about the health both of myself and the largely drull and uninspired tournament we've seen so far, and certainly both may be true.

Other things I have pondered during this week includes listing reasons for why Ménez isn't in South Africa (my conclusion: if Sidney Govou is their number 10, there are no reasons for why Ménez isn't in South Africa). My highlight so far has been De Rossi's beard. A lot of people misuse the word 'awesome', and use it all too often, even to describe mostly mundane events. This isn't one of those times: DDR's facial hair is awesome. I feel as though that itself could serve as a solid foundation for a team to win this tournament, DDR notwithstanding. Too bad its (and DDR's) teammates aren't up to scratch.

In other thoughts, I am previously engaged as a member in the church of Totti, so haven't the conscience to double up and join the church of Maradona as well (I think the commandments apply here as well), but I see no reason not to hope he does well this month. His Argentina is all completely crazy, which, if I have understood it correctly, according to themselves is the most important tactical ace up the sleeve they'll be relying on. In line with this Burdisso, you'll note, is doing well and has been super important so far. He wasn't the first one Diego hugged after Heinze's goal against Nigeria just by chance, you know. It made me think of the aftermath to Germany-Argentina in 2006, when there was just the tiniest suggestion of altercations between the teams; as soon as I heard the commentator announce that an Argentinean player who "hadn't even taken part of the game" was sent off, I knew. Leo. Nicolás, meet Leo; Leo, meet Nicolás. You have lots in common.