Welcome to Wherever You Are

Little more than a year after leaving his Rome and Roma for the alluring calls of Benitez's Liverpool, Aquilani is now set to come back to the serie A that knew and bred him. Only this time it's to Juventus, who seems to have procured a loan deal with a right to sign him at the end of the season, should they (and he) wish to.

Let's take a stab at anticipating the reception of these news--as I see it there are two potential roadmaps to feeling bad about this as a romanista. One is to start treating Aquilani as any type of backstabber or traitor, for moving to Juventus. The other is going back to why Roma sold him at all in the first place, etcetera.

The theme of backstabbing and treachery 
He grew up as a romanista, was more or less raised on the central midfield next to De Rossi through all the youth teams all the way up to Roma's first team. Yet he chooses to go to Juventus. What's wrong with him?

Nothing, nothing whatsoever is wrong with him. His new manager at Liverpool, Hodgson, does not seem to appreciate him much at all. He lost the man who wanted him so much at the club in the first place, and is completely on his own there if he stays. If the choice is between being a bench option at a club you've never really settled into and probably never will, and going back to serie A and getting to play a lot in one of the most famous clubs in the league? There's nothing here to doubt for him, and there's nothing here for us to condemn. It's strictly business, and that's fine.

The theme of lament
Yeah, I get it. You're sad because the talent we raised and then lost will now be playing for our rivals. I hear you, it feels weird. What's that? We never should have sold him, you say? Well, it was between him and someone else, because someone had to go last summer. Between Aquilani's injuries, the fact that he was - on his best days - our third best midfielder, and that Liverpool overpaid dramatically for all of that, he was the obvious choice. Hell, the only logical one.

We still have midfielders who are better than him, and quite comfortably. We also have midfielders who are fitter than he, who aren't injured for large stretches of every single season. In addition to that, we have midfielders who don't attract the unwanted attention of the referee, making them a yellow card liability every other game. Technically, tactically--he won't be missed. Just as he wasn't all of last season. To paraphrase a spectacular tv-series: it will shock you how much this all never happened.

So don't feel bad. Roma has better options than Aquilani, and he gets a second (or third) chance at a real career. We're the ones who can afford to smile magnanimously here and continue to wish him good luck. It probably won't effect us that much.