Your Ragtag Bunch of Misfits Hits the Road

Roma took off Friday from Termini for the Supercoppa in Milano on Saturday evening. The photos of the departure are, as per usual, hilarious. The entire set is available here via Il Corriere dello Sport.

Random thoughts:

- All this time we've worried about Adriano going on a bender, and may or may not have started intricate social media projects in order to track his weight gains and losses, but what about Daniele? Guy looks like he went on a holiday for two straight years. Or it's all the beard that does it. Flashes of Joaquin Phoenix.

- How can you not love someone who wears a cap that says Made in Rome?

- Speaking of, he's definitely lost a good chunk of weight since he arrived in July. Still not in the best of form, but you have to appreciate the effort and work that's gone into it.

- There will be no debate on this: Cassetti pulls off whatever it is he's trying to pull off more than anyone else. Except for maybe Montali. Montali is sharp.

- We're entirely sure we got the Burdisso kid brother we wanted? I hear there's many more of them than the two we know of, maybe we got sent the smallest of the family by mistake. Because this kid looks thirteen.