Know Me By Now

Never the most consistent blogger around when it comes to updating, I recognize that I've fallen off even by my own standards. This wasn't really intended to be the kind of place where the everyday news concerning AS Roma gets covered. Predicted line-ups 10 days in advance, mundane interviews; all that is available at any number of good sites that are to be applauded for their enthusiasm. But I used to have opinions on many of these things, too, at least. And I still do, which is why the continually ongoing fragmentation around here is a good thing.

Now those things get covered over at Chiesa di Totti instead, which I think is working out well. It's a lot of fun to do, and to see what direction mine and Chris's discourse will take, which at its best is completely unpredictable. That inspires you more to find the time to actually express yourself, and I think that if you focus and distill out some of the most nonsensical sprouts, those opinions I speak of are visible. Like today, when thoughts and opinions on Matteo Brighi's contract extension went up.

It's precisely the type of thing I would have neglected if not for the Roman roundtable that is CdT, and you get the added benefit of seeing Matteo in leather suspenders. Win-win.