No Soup For You

The rules were laid down today for the Brescia-Roma game on the 23rd of September: there will be no tickets sold to any residents in the Lazio region.

There, in very economical terms, is something that I can't seem to really wrap my head around. I've gone through la tessera del tifoso so many times that I'll spare you yet another vengeful diatribe. But even with the situation being what it is, and la tessera being implemented, this is crazy. It's one thing to deny tickets to any non-card-carrying members in the benefits club Maroni, but this sort of restriction seems strange unnecessarily gratuitous even by the standards of Italian politics. Not that I would call myself an expert on Italian constitutional law, but I have a hard time imagine it condoning discriminatory measures such as this based on less than nuanced variables, such as your home address.

Even by Italian standards, which I have long since learned to expect the unexpected, this is messed up. Does the fact that I managed to - I do believe - effortlessly work in a reference to a character called the Soup Nazi in the title say everything and more about where these rules are coming from?