Rage Against the Narrative

[T]his Totti vs Ranieri crap has gotten blown way out of proportion. Its gotten to where I'm avoiding Roma websites just because I'm sick of it all. I'm digging out the rosary beads for Sunday.
That's not me, those are the words of Andrea who commented in the post immediately preceding this one. But it could just has well have been me saying it. Or most of us, I suspect. Because no matter how much one may dislike the start to this season, inventing a schism between Totti (and in extension the team) and Ranieri has to be the most trite narrative that could have been taken at this point. Even with Rome's climate being favorable to hot air being vented about everything and nothing, this is offensive in the way it's selling all of us short.

It sells Totti short, because it attempts to portray him as a revolutionary figure heading for the mountains, arms in hand. In reality, the comments were a kind of resigned honesty, not an attempt to undermine in order to overthrow.

It sells Ranieri short, because it suggests he were so thin skinned as to get offended by Totti's words. There is plenty to say about Ranieri, being overly sensitive is not one of them.

And finally it sells all of us short, with the attempt to convince us that something truly chaotic is happening.

Painting the current Roma into one of Goya's works, with "the shadow of Leonardo cast on Trigoria", is patently provocative. Not because of the suggestions of Leonardo, whom I appreciate and like quite a lot, but rather because of the motivation seemingly being that since they can write this they want to, nay, they have to.

It's dangerous to speak in certainties in football, but I wonder who in this temporary state of leader- and ownership would be the one to make such a decision to fire Ranieri? Rosella is technically in charge, but I doubt she has the mandate to bring about such a change. Unicredit would probably be much too wise to start micromanage Roma like this. I think Ranieri is as safe as could be. The club is being sold, no major decisions will be taken in the interim. Whether Ranieri is safe after next summer, too, is another matter.

And here's the spectacular piece of fact that ties together as a collection of hot air and fear mongering: one win in serie A, against Bologna tomorrow, and Roma is at most three points behind presumed favorites Inter, and at most two points behind presumed challengers Milan. Add another win in the Champions League, and Roma are on course to qualify from there as well. Who could complain then? Who would?