Mea culpa

I realize I was being flippant and dismissive yesterday regarding Totti's award, not giving it the proper respect it deserved. I got hung up on him not having won it sooner, which is still a valid point, but which misses the most important aspect of it. It's not about the award itself--personal awards in team sports are always subject to scrutiny, and I'm not going to claim this award to be conclusive truth of Totti's greatness. However, stopping to contemplate the competitors he beat out it all begins to appear like kind of a big deal.

Drogba would have made a fine winner, as would the World Champion Xavi. The same applies to his brother in arms, Puyol. How about Giggs, who seems to have cleaned up every award and plaudit available in England over the past year and a half? Diego Milito won a treble and scored the only goals in two different finals, but couldn't beat out Totti. Luca Toni had such an impact that his influence spread to one of the world's most popular artists (0:58 in this video), yet Totti's feet are the ones they chose to gild. Forlán had a love affair with the world this past summer, and has turned a club whose losing identity had begun to be cherished by its fans into a winning club, but he is not the fair haired hero heralded.

Awards are what they are, but the recognition of being deemed better than the aforementioned list of extremely good players and superstars of the sport is a treasure. Especially when it comes in a period of unprecedented questioning of Totti's abilities.