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Five years ago the journalist and author Giancarlo De Cataldo had a seminal novel (Romanzo Criminale) published, based on the real life stories of a criminal gang called the Banda della Magliana in 1970's and 1980's Rome. The gang's name is owed to the Magliana district in southern Rome, a rough and run down area located next to the distinctly different EUR, from where some of its members came. If we put their vantage point there--on the bottom of the socio-economical ladder of that Rome--they ended up travelling a long way, consorting with famous politicians, businessmen and men of the Church. A 30 minute ride by car into the centre, which would normally take several lifetimes to complete. (To exemplify: members of the gang were implicated in the murder of God's Banker, and a there have been rumored ties with AS Roma minority shareholder Danilo Coppola.)

The book, then. Its seminal value comes not from any linguistic advancements, but rather the impact it has had on popular culture in Rome (and the rest of Italy I guess, although I wouldn't be able to vouch for it) since its publication. Years after its release, and decades after the gang was split up and ceased to be, they still dominated headlines an entire summer as new information about one of their alleged crimes 25 years prior had started to surface. De Cataldo does borrow stylistic measures from the maestro Pasolini in letting his characters maintain their distinctive Romanness (although I would discourage further comparisons between the two authors), which gave life to some great nicknames. Il Dandi, Il Freddo, Il Bufalo, Scrocchiazeppi, et cetera.

The book has been turned into a very bad film, and a very entertaining tv show. This has been a long ride to get to the point, I know. Without me nagging on any further than necessary, here is the point of this post: Sky's campaign for the derby next Sunday (which effectively synergizes backward overflow) featuring Dandi, Freddo, Mirko Vucinic, Stefano Mauri, and some horrible one liners delivered by the latter two.

The second season of the tv show starts up in November on Sky as well. Total coincidence.

(Don't miss Mirko with his hair combed for the first time ever!)