La tessera del tifoso: A Theory of Justice

This is the second installment in what now appears to be a series, Salame milanese. The first part can be found here, in which the protagonist romanista vents his frustration stemming from the bullying of the interisti. It came out last spring, and excellently captured the zeitgeist of that month as romanisti were frustrated beyond breaking point, and interisti more obnoxious than ever before in wake of their triple successes.

From the same director, starring the same actor, the video embedded above is a diatribe against la tessera del tifoso. It is, in no uncertain terms, brilliant. The synopsis is fairly straight-forward: our protagonist Valerio is on his way to delivering a package (which is a nice tie-in to the first video where Valerio said to work un lavoro di merda (a shit job) to pay the rent), when he is stopped by an overzealous man. Says he: "You need my permission to enter here, you understand?". I'm unsure if what's happening here is that the director is a fantastic talent spotter (the interista in the first video is great too), or if neo-realism is making a return in Italy, because it's a perfectly accurate depiction of anyone with a little bit of authority in Italy. The man in the booth spots Valerio's t-shirt ("No alla tessera del tifoso"), and begins to deride him about it. "If you have nothing to hide...", and so on. Valerio presents aforementioned diatribe against the tessera system, at which point the man in the booth grows uninterested and claims that he is wasting his time. Then, the discovery that the package Valerio is trying to deliver was addressed to the very man he was arguing with, at which point he suggests he can look inside and see what it is. "If you have nothing to hide" that is. It pokes many holes in the logic on which the tessera del tifoso is built (if ever there was a house built on sand!), shows that the shoe isn't so comfortable on the other foot. It distances itself from the lazy generalizationssadly a near-daily occurrence in the political discoursesuch as being a communist is one and the same as being contrarian to a system which bans people from watching football. (As in last week's derby, for no other reason than being a man between the ages of 15 and 59. Yes, that happened.)

I love these videos. The reasons are many, and sometimes overlap. As a romanista, I identify and applaud his chosen topics. Also as a romanista, I appreciate the many good points he scores, both against the arrogance of the powerful and the tessera del tifoso. As a watcher of films, I think they're very well made. In two short videos, totaling less than eight minutes, he has made me a fan. If the director, Ciro De Caro, put out a film tomorrow about whichever topic, I would watch it.