Midweek Marauders Pt II

When Alberto Aquilani moved to Juventus the past summer, I wrote the following paragraph to close out my handling of the question:

So don't feel bad. Roma has better options than Aquilani, and he gets a second (or third) chance at a real career. We're the ones who can afford to smile magnanimously here and continue to wish him good luck. It probably won't effect us that much.

That wasn't a dig at Aquilani as much as it was a dig at Juventus. They're not a very good team. They weren't this summer, they weren't when they went on an unbeaten run during the fall, and they most certainly aren't now. During 95 minutes of football tonight, they managed to create only marginally more chances than you would have, teaming up with your nieces and nephews. Delneri's football is unimaginative, straightforward, inflexible and dated. The players he asks to execute said relics of tactic-boards past are also decidedly run of the mill. This Juventus defines average, and all its connotations. They settled for hacking down players tonight, just like they settled for short-term fixes in the market like Luca Toni and Andrea Barzagli. If you think there's not a strong correlation between the two, think again. Mediocrity spreads.

As such, this wasn't the most impressive win Roma has taken this season. But it was so very comfortable and easy that there's plenty of credit to spread around anyway. Mostly I would like to single out DDR, who was like a spider on a proverbial net spanning across the entire pitch. The others were in his domain, and he ran this game from start to finish. However, the sober assessment has to be that this was expected. Juventus are a level or two below this Roma, it's not even that close. Aquilani's success in their shirt, therefor, remains very irrelevant to his old team. My guess: those who were heartbroken when he moved to Juve are finding out it's hard to be bitter when you're the one on top looking down.