600 volte grazie

About a game memorable only for marking Francesco Totti's 600th game and a low point for Curva Sud, I have little to say which hasn't been said here already.

Totti's day of jubilee proved to be worthy, if yet ultimately unhappy. In this, his 600th, he built on his ascending form curve of late and for the fourth time in a week and a half he played better than he had the game before. Today he scored a goal, had a good penalty claim denied, and seemed rejuvenated. He seemed the Totti who used to play in Spalletti's 4-2-3-1: fluent, mobile, and in places you don't expect a forward to be. He even took on a clever yellow card, so as not to suffer the same fate as last time. Only one captain indeed.

Which brings us to Curva Sud. Intermittently, it sang songs claiming Totti was the only captain, that they support only the shirt and not the players. This minor cognitive dissonance was nothing compared to the ridiculous whistling of players experiences to be so called coach-eaters. No one had to withstand more criticism than Pek and Vucinic; Pek even as he was carried out on a stretcher, effectively rejecting suggestions he faked an injury under Ranieri in order not to play. Vucinic? He was whistled heavily when substituted, never mind that he was one of the best players today. When he left the game it became clear how much his work had meant, making the whistling even more absurd.