On This Day in History: 2004 (Quattro, zitti e a casa)

I tried to resist it, for fear of being too obvious and banal. But I couldn't, I just couldn't.

Writing about this game is a challenge since there are so many incidents each worthy of a 1200 word treatise. The sheer significance of the result. Cassano finally playing at a truly elite level, able to stand next to anyone in the world at the time (as we know now, it was sadly perhaps both the first and last time his place in this pantheon of football was reserved). Cassano's nerves stopping him from watching Totti's penalty, instead squirting water in the face of a team manager on the sideline. Pelizzoli saving a penalty, thus denying Juve even the small consolation prize of having scored a solitary goal. Totti's four fingers shutting up Igor Tudor. You either compromise the magic of each of those minor episodes by cramming them together, or you break the Internets with the world's longest post no one would ever read.

Or you watch that video at the top again.