Roma as the Roman Empire

I wonder how much we, as fans, are tainted by Roma being the team of a city with the history Rome has. Does these things play out in normal clubs as well? When one coach goes, a dizzying process instantly begins. In earnest, it probably preceded the coach being removed in the first place. Successors are discussed, suggested and dismissed. Everyone has favorites, everyone inside the palace has an agenda. It's not at all unlike ancient Rome.

Fans met up with the bus carrying Montella's team of 14 year olds last night, to show their support for his appointment. Almost 2000 years prior, troops were consistently championing their legion's commander in some faraway region of the Empire, promoting him to Emperor. Ranieri was widely jeered and treated as a tyrant hastening the doom of AS Roma, but mere minutes after his removal from power he was instead treated as a martyr, a great man who gave his all for his club. Is it terribly unlike the deification of Roman Emperors previously disliked while alive?

All we're missing now is Vincenzo Montella found cowering behind the curtains at Trigoria by the players, much like Claudius did upon Caligula's assassination.