Urbi et Orbi

I know, I know. Kerimov, Soros, Fioranelli, Aabar. Been there, done that. But not this. This is something new: never before has there been official press releases saying a bid has been chosen, and that final negotiations will take place. This, it seems inevitable by now, is truly the final episode of a saga stretched out like a soap opera. Like the yogurt in my fridge, it is well past it's due date. Glad as I am that Angelucci isn't the one chosen, I will still preach caution.
           There are plenty of cautionary tales in world football, where suitors tick all the right boxes but still end up as unmitigated disasters as owners. There are fewer stories, but they do exist, of ugly ducklings growing up to become great presidents. There are the super rich who won't spend a euro cent more than necessary, those that has much, much less liquidity than their city rivals but still outspends them by the size of a Duomo or two. There are those that has used and abused "their" storied club for personal profit, and there are those who sacrificed much — too much — for their clubs and ended up worse for it. We don't know what kind of owners DiBenedetto and partners would be. We can hope, but certainties are as rare as Roman scudetti. 
          All we know about this, we take from what it isn't. It isn't Angelucci. It isn't more time with a management that has since long has hit a dead-end. Above all, it isn't another soap opera too painful to follow. Tonight is a night for exhaling. We'll deal with the rest, the future, after the weekend.