La Roma non di discute (at least not at dinner parties)

This is something different. This may not be a good idea at all.

See, I did not watch the game last night. My only understanding of it came from text messages ranging from merely a few characters short (half of which were exclamation points) to rivaling your average short story in length. Some provided me with what I experience as a fair understanding of what was happening in Udine (as well as on the TV set in the other room, which might as well have been located in the stadium itself, such was the impossibility of sneaking a peak). Then again, other updates confused me and merely left me stranded in a sea of confusion. Text messages saying Isla's really good, what am I to do with that but (naturally) come to the conclusion that he scored a goal that Messi himself would have put in his own highlight reel? And along that note the evening proceeded. Somehow, the full extent of Totti's greatness was one of the things best transmitted via text. Because he's been doing the same thing so well, for so long, I broadly knew what it meant. Even when the only clues were "202 cucchiaio!". (An audible daje in response to a text message may or may not make you seem weird at a dinner party, for whatever that particular experience is worth).

The image I've projected internally of the game is one of not precisely brilliant play, but solid. The only difference between this and previous weeks, that I've taken away from others' watching of the game, is that Roma won the game at the end instead of losing it. A small difference, highlighted by Udinese's penalty call seconds before Totti's goal, but a great difference in symbolism.

I don't know what has changed between then and now, except perhaps a more determined approach to the closure of the game, whereas the preceding 92 minutes seems to have played out in much the same way they did vs. Fiorentina and Juventus. How refreshing, then, to see the extended highlights and see Roma celebrating in full force and Udinese players throwing themselves on the ground and/or crying, instead of the other way around. If this could be maintained and honed further ahead of next game, then maybe, just between then and today there will be a final transfer of ownership of the club (according to reports, the signatures are expected on Friday April 15th), approximately four new coaches linked to Roma, a player or two will have made headline-grabbing interviews. The if is, as ever, a big one.